A complete map for the nude traveler

On our map we showcase every beach, hotel and camping that our ongoing research can find. The goal for this map is to pin all the places in the world where naturism is allowed and encouraged.

Making the map complete is ongoing work. Help us make this map complete:  if you see a place missing on the map or know a place that it is not a naturism place anymore, please send us information about it.

We are not responsible if there is places on the map that is incorrect, most of the places have we found on other internet pages or if someone have sent the info to us.

We have reached the target of more than 1000 places, we have more places but we have not the coordinates so we cannot put a pin on the map, so we put a link to the place on our link page instead.

If you have problems to open the map in new window you can use this link to worldmap

We have a form that you can fill out if you want your resort/camping on the map and/or a link/image on our website, we have a small fee for this, it's ok if you wish to have a special text and image when we write about your place.


Fill in the form above and click send, wait for a confirmation mail from us, then pay for the option of your choice

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